Heads Up Parents: Don’t Allow Your Kids To Carry Heavy Backpack To School Or Else

June has finally arrived! In the Philippines, aside from the rainy season, children also look forward to opening of classes. Aside from meeting new friends, being reunited with old acquaintances, and learning news lessons, students also look forward to their new school stuff.

Weeks before June arrived, parents and students flock in malls and bookstores to buy their school essentials. From books, pens, notebooks, papers, and other art materials, parents and students mostly allot their money to affordable yet quality bags as they will carry it throughout the school year.

Speaking of bags, parents are very meticulous in choosing the right bag for their kids. They go for quality, style, and comfort. But no matter how durable their chosen bag is, it will always depend on the weight of the stuff they will put in it which could give a huge impact on one’s health.

Facebook user Zahir Ali shared his nephew’s experience of carrying a heavy loaded bag for school.

Zahir’s primary schooler nephew’s health was put to risk after carrying huge loads of books on his backpack which resulted to a major surgery.

Zahir said that he shared this to give a heads up and encourage parents not to allow their children’s young body to carry such heavy load.

Read Zahir’s full post below:

Source: Facebook