10 Biggest Dog Breeds In The World You’d Want To Own

The varying qualities that a dog has which assists the owner from getting a newspaper in the morning to their bed to swimming and saving you while you drown are just commendable. One can argue that other animals are much more capable but not all are as friendly and loyal too. Now, when combined all that you don’t get that kind of package in one animal which can also be kept as a dog.

So, Are you a dog lover? The odds are very high that you’ll say otherwise.

Go through the categorization of dogs done on the basis of their Appearance, Physique, Strengths and Remember sub-heads. And, after you read about these top 10 most masculine dogs in the world even the biggest; it will not matter if you’re planning to buy one or not. Because one thing is for sure that you’ll not only fall in love with these 10 but even end up buying one.

1. Neapolitan Mastiff

Attitude: Silent

Physique: Can endure a lot of pain, loose skin

Strengths: Highly intelligent

Remember: Not for those who will be buying a dog for the first time, dangerous if not trained for social environments.

2. Great Dane

Attitude: Always a unit – “Apollo of dogs”

Physique: Smooth muscle body, regal appearance, elegant

Strengths: Long reach and powerful drive

Remember: Never timid

3. Scottish Deerhound

Attitude: Pleasant

Physique: Double the size of American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), extreme bully look

Strength: Hard working (example – pulling carts)

Remember: New breed compared to APBT

4. Dogue de Bordeaux

Attitude: Healthy canines

Physique: Extraordinary amount of muscle mass, muscular

Strength: Racing

Remember: Aka Bully “Whippets”

5. Doberman

Attitude: Amiable and extremely responsive to training

Physique: Great amount of endurance and speed, lean, athletic

Strength: Imperious and impulsive

Remember: Used by police and as guard dogs

6. Newfoundland

Attitude: Steadfastly loyal, disciplined manner, seldom barks

Physique: Muscular breed, unusually calm, well-poised

Strength: Can kill larger animals in fight

Remember: Aka game hunting dog

7. English Mastiff

Attitude: Stubborn, headstrong

Physique: Strong jaws, a powerful bite, adorable, short muzzles

Strength: Terribly energetic

Remember: Mastiff type origin, mix well with children

8. Saint Bernard

Attitude: Assertive, dominant

Physique: Strong build

Strength: Versatile, exceptionally intelligent, guard dogs

Remember: They need well-planned socialization training as well as obedience training

9. Leonberger

Attitude: Playful, mannered but low tolerance if mistreated

Physique: Solid structure

Strength: Energetic breed, agility

Remember: Not comfortable in outdoor temperatures especially during summer

10. Irish Wolfhound

Attitude: Sheer determination

Physique: Athletic

Strength: Muscle, determination to work

Remember: Best for search and rescue

Source : http://powerof369.com/